Microprocessors And P-N Technology

With the development of P-N technology in the 20th century, innovations like revolution have come to the fore. allowing many electronic components to be produced and designed in very small sizes. For example; In the past, radio and TVs, which are very large in size, have become smaller enough to fit into our pockets with the development of P-N gaming technology. In the same way the computers were an average house room. Now mobile phones are combined with wristwatches. What makes life easier at this level?

In the periodic table there are two different semiconductors: Ge (germanium) and Si (silicon). Electronic materials are produced with these two elements. P-N is a non-linear electronic circuit element with characteristic behaviors, formed by the surface composition of p-type (positive) and n-type (negative) semiconducting materials. In addition to active circuit elements such as diodes and transistors in electronics, microprocessors have been produced using millions of transistors.

Microprocessors were produced by only a few companies in the 1970s as processors with 4-bit kernel. there was great competition between them. Today, it is not possible to follow technological products. And the companies that are world giants also have fierce competition.

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